[2.20 FINAL UPDATE] Product Schedule of February

2024.02.02 fri. 17:00~

Lumberjack-style workwear such as cruiser and logger jackets worn by loggers in the American northwest, who are one of Post O'Alls ' mainstays. Introducing a new heavy-duty version of this logger jacket. While maintaining the POST Logger 's distinctive fly front, it features snap buttons and a 4-pocket design, making it more practical as street wear. From the shoulders to the sleeves to the top half of the body, it has a double layered layer of seamless dress fabric. The luxurious and unique specifications found in this vintage logger jacket are the result of the wisdom of our predecessors, who have made the logger jacket both waterproof and durable.
This time, we used the USA-made 60/40 cloth used by Sierra Designs, and it was a collaboration project with Sierra Designs. There are two colors available: black and cappuccino (brown), and navy is also available for a limited time as a shop special for Post O'Alls ONLINE/NAKAMEGURO .
One of the pillars of Post O'Alls, lumberjack style workwear such as cruisers and logger jackets worn by loggers in the Pacific Northwest (United States). We introduce a heavy-duty new version. Keeping the distinctive fly front of the POST Logger, we've additionally incorporated snap buttons and a 4-pocket design to enhance its practicality for everyday wear. From the shoulders to the sleeves, and body of the garment is made of a double-layer fabric without seams, reminiscent of the luxurious and unique features found in vintage logger jackets. This feature is the product of the wisdom of our predecessors, designed to provide waterproofing and durability to logger jackets.
For this release, 60/40 cloth used by the USA-made Sierra Designs was featured, resulting in a collaboration with Sierra Designs. Available colors are black and cappuccino (brown tones), and a limited navy version only available at Post O'Alls ONLINE (website) and NAKAMEGURO (shop).

2024.02.03 sat. 12:00~


#1101 No.1 Jacket and #3123 POST 44 deep washed are available only at Post O'Alls directly managed stores. The texture created by strong washing is more suitable for the upcoming season, and will further deepen the compatibility with the short sleeve shirts and shorts that will be released in the future.

The release of the Nakameguro shop limited deep washed #1101 No.1 Jacket & #3123 POST 44. A new texture is created by deep washing and made to pair well with short sleeves, shorts, items that are planned to be released in the coming season.


2024.02.07 wed.12:00~


2024.02.09 fri.12:00~

2.9 12:00 START
2.25 23:59 END
Special order for Post O'Alls "DINEX INSULATION 8oz MUG"
We will give you a novelty item when you order. (Limited quantity, it will end as soon as it runs out)
For those who place a pre-order, we offer a novelty item (limited quantity, available while supplies last).
・Stock is limited.
・If you order from PRE-ORDER, shipping will be free of charge.
・Items eligible for PRE-ORDER will require a certain date before being shipped.
・Due to production circumstances, the scheduled delivery date may change.
・We may not be able to meet your request due to production cuts, etc.
- Regarding PRE-ORDER, we cannot accept cancellations or size exchanges.
・Sample and actual specifications may differ.
・You cannot order PRE-ORDER eligible items and regular items at the same time.
・For inquiries, please contact info@postoveralls.com or Post O'Alls NAKAMEGURO .
-Stock is limited.
- Pre-order items are subject to a lead time before shipment.
- Due to production considerations, the estimated delivery time may vary.
- We may not be able to fulfill your order due to production constraints.
- Please note that cancellations and size exchanges are not possible for pre-order items.
- Specifications may change from samples to the actual product.
- Pre-order items and regular items cannot be ordered together.
A few years ago, Post Chinois brought a new twist to Post O'Alls. A special version of Chinois is now available. Inspired by the French china worn by Pablo Picasso in Cannes in 1951, the main feature is the three-pocket detail/design with a smile-shaped curved beaded edge. The one worn by Picasso appears to have a Mao color, but the Post O'Alls version uses a banana color to prioritize ease of wear. Details such as dolman sleeves and deep side slits also have a more authentic Chinese design.
A breath of fresh air for Post O'Alls in the past few years is the POST Chinois. A special version has been introduced in the 2024 S/S collection. The inspiration comes from the French China that Pablo Picasso wore alongside Jacques Prévert in Cannes in 1951, the biggest feature being the 3-pocket design with smile-shaped welts. While Picasso's version appears to be a Mao (stand) collar, the Post O'Alls version is a banana collar, making it easier for styling. Details such as Dolman sleeve and deep side slits make the item details more authentically Chinese.

2024.02.12 mon.


2024.02.16 fri. 12:00~

WALKABOUT debuted around 2000. The early original version is a model with a relaxed mood that is not military-like, combining the design of the 1940s USN HBT fatigue jacket with low set pockets and the US ARMY version with a non-pleated back. did. After several minor changes, this version 4 was released as a limited edition in 2021 in a vintage USN style.
WALKABOUT was first released around 2000's. The original version was a fusion of a low-set pocket from 1940's USN HBT fatigue jacket and non-pleated back US ARMY designed version, having a relaxed mood contrary to its military roots. After minor detail changes along the way, the current version is based on the 2021 limited release model (that is a spot-on vintage USN form).
A classic ball cap series. The 24SS season features a total of 10 types of seasonal materials.

Our regular basic cap. Offered in season's tasty fabrics.


*Product sales schedule is tentative.

*Please note that the schedule is updated from time to time.

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