[PRE-ORDER vol.3] #1501 1 Pocket Vest (24FW)

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    [2024FW PRE-ORDER vol.3]

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    A work vest with a “seemed likely but never made” simple design that evokes a pre-war mood. It features a high neckline, a design that was extinct at the time of its debut. The 2024FW version is designed with a vintage twill shell that gains character the longer you wear, as well as Trashed Wool lining.


    quality : Shell: 100% cotton Lining: 50% wool 35% polyethylene 10% rayon 5% acrylic

    Pre-washed, Sun dried

    size shoulder chest back sleeve
    S cm cm cm cm
    M cm cm cm cm
    L cm cm cm cm
    XL cm cm cm cm

    Made in Japan

    #1501-VTI 1 Pocket Vest : vintage twill w/trashed wool lining indigo w/stripe lining

    #1501-VTC 1 Pocket Vest : vintage twill w/trashed wool lining charcoal w/base lining

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