[LIMITED PRE-ORDER] #2133SP POST Logger Special x Sierra Designs

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    #2133SP POST Logger Special x SIERRA DESIGNS 

    Post O'Allsの大黒柱の一つである、アメリカ北西部のロガー達が着たクルーザーやロガージャケットなどの木こり系ワークウエア。そんなロガージャケットにヘビーデューティなニューバージョンの登場です。

    One of the pillars of Post O'Alls, lumberjack style workwear such as cruisers and logger jackets worn by loggers in the Pacific Northwest (United States). We introduce a heavy-duty new version.

    GO OUT Magazine December issue "GO OUT Choice 03"


    POST Loggerの特徴的なフライ・フロントはそのままに、スナップボタンや4ポケットのデザインを採用して街着としても実用性を高めています。

    Keeping the distinctive fly front of the POST Logger, we’ve additionally incorporated snap buttons and a 4-pocket design to enhance its practicality for everyday wear.


    From the shoulders to the sleeves, and body of the garment is made of a double-layer fabric without seams, reminiscent of the luxurious and unique features found in vintage logger jackets. This feature is the product of the wisdom of our predecessors, designed to provide waterproofing and durability to logger jackets.



    For this release, 60/40 cloth used by the USA-made Sierra Designs was featured, resulting in a collaboration with Sierra Designs.

    カラーはブラックとカプチーノ(ブラウン系)の2色展開となっており、Post O'Alls ONLINE/NAKAMEGURO 用のショップスペシャルとしてネイビーも限定で用意されています。

    Available colors are black and cappuccino (brown tones), and a limited navy version only available at Post O'Alls ONLINE (website) and NAKAMEGURO (shop).


    quality : 60% cotton 40% nylon


    made in Japan


    chest (身幅)

    back (着丈)

    CB to Cuff (裄丈)

    S 57cm 68.5cm 83cm
    M 61cm 70.5cm 85cm
    L 65cm 72.5cm 87cm
    XL 69cm 74.5cm 89cm


    model : 175cm/65kg size L (cappuchino)

    model : 180cm/75kg size L (black)

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