[PRE-ORDER] BAGSINPROGRESS x Post O'Alls Carry-all Beach Bag

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CARRY-ALL BEACH BAG which is one of the longest selling tote bags within the American-made BAGS IN PROGRESS collection.

アメリカ製BAGS IN PROGRESSの中でもロングセラーなトートバックである、CARRY-ALL BEACH BAGを生地別注。

The fabric is a 12 oz 100% cotton sunforger cotton duck (made in America). Sunforger fabric, known for its breathability and color fastness, is commonly used for tents and yachts.

For this collaboration, the fabric has been boat-shrink processed to make it mildew-proof and water-repellent, rendering it suitable for various situations. The available colorways include SUNTAN and PEARL GREY, perfectly aligning with the spring/summer seasons. The thin nylon tape used is a military-spec nylon web, providing a characteristic contract with the body color for a distinctive finish.

The CARRY-ALL BEACH BAG has a wide, adjustable body with plenty of volume. Featuring both inside and outside pockets, it allows you to neatly and functionally store
various items. Includes a detachable strap for crossbody wear, along with an adjustable handle length. It can also be worn on the shoulders when the straps are extended, offering freedom to carry the bag in any way that suits your mood.


カラーは春夏らしいSUNTANとPEARL GREYの2色展開。ナイロンテープはミリタリースペックの薄手のナイロンウェブを採用しており、ボディーの色とのマッチングが特徴的な仕上がりになっております。

CARRY-ALL BEACH BAGは大きさを調整できる幅広でボリュームタップリのボディに加え、内・外両側に複数のポケットがついているので、たくさん物を入れてもきれいに収納できて機能的。取り外し可能なストラップ付きで斜め掛けもでき。さらに持ち手も長さが調節可能。長めにすれば肩がけもできるので、その日の気分に合わせて自由自在な持ち方ができるバッグ。




Bag brand from a NY-based Japanese designer.

The concept is to create good bags for people that thrive in the busy modern world. Simple designs that are not swayed by trends. Designed in NY and manufactured in America.




size width hight gusset
F 35cm 35cm 20cm


quality : 100% cotton


made in USA


Special order for Post O'Alls Paper weight


For those who place a pre-order, we offer a novelty item (limited quantity, available while supplies last).



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 Specifications may change from samples to the actual product.
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