#1123P PDU-R (x TENBOX BDU-R Jacket) (23FW)

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    #1123P PDU-R (x TENBOX BDU-R Jacket)

    When Post O'Alls' standard BDU-R Jacket gets into the hands of TENBOX , it is reborn as Mr. PIGU 's PDU-R, which is reversible and has pockets on the back. The fabric is 100% cotton charcoal ripstop.

    Our signature BDU-R Jacket has been TENBOX ed … the result is … PDU-R! Mr.PIGU treated jacket! It's reversible and has many pockets inside…fabric is 100% cotton ripstop.


    The following is an overview of BDU-R's 2023SS exhibition.

    Here is a description of BDU-R from our 23SS Show.

    #1123 BDU-R

    For a while now, BDU-R has been appearing more and more often, especially in the spring and summer seasons. The 2023S/S version has an even more relaxed fit, resulting in a perfect finish. The mellow, asymmetrical mood created by the modified chest pocket is now even more fitting. It goes great with shorts, and the rolled-up sleeves have a great atmosphere, and the simple and relaxed mood unique to this model makes it easy to match with a variety of styles. All-round materials have been set that give the impression of a culmination of all the previous products, and each one is sure to be a great success. I can say that the BDU-R is the one that makes me happy no matter how many I have.

    Post O`Alls' BDU-R first came out around 2000 with signature asymmetrical chest pocket…inspired by soldier-modded vintage jacket. Since then, BDU-R came in and out from time to time…and become a staple in recent years… it seems more important especially worn with shorts and rolled up sleeves in S/S season.

    size shoulder chest back sleeve
    M 50cm 62cm 76cm 62cm
    L 52cm 65cm 78cm 63cm
    XL 54cm 68cm 80cm 64cm

    #1123P-CRC PDU-R : TENBOX x Post O'Alls reversible cotton ripstop chacoal


    #1123P-CRC PDU-R : TENBOX x Post O'Alls reversible cotton ripstop chacoal

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