#P2000 POST x AMB slip-on (23FW)

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    The gray suede upper and black sole are special features.

    We asked AMB for special gray suede upper and black sole for Post O'Alls.

    size 39 40 41 42
    JPN 24.5-25cm 25-25.5cm 25.5-26cm 26-26.5cm
    US 6.5-7.0 7.0-7.5 7.5-8.0 8.0-8.5
    size 43 44 45 46
    JPN 26.5-27cm 27-27.5cm 27.5-28cm 28-28.5cm
    US 8.5-9.0 9.0-9.5 9.5-10.0 10.0-10.5

    *We accept size exchanges for customers who purchase online.

    quality: cow suede

    made in Portugal


    Custom-made shoes that give you just the right amount of weight (published by OCEANS)

    This is a post-overalls 23FW collection that focuses on items that are reprints of the memorable debut collection, but instead of being in the lineup at the time, Mr. Obuchi has created bespoke shoes that he would like to coordinate with his own wear to reflect his current mood 30 years later. POST x AMB slip-on" is now available.

    This product was specially ordered from the Japanese shoe brand <Amb>, which is known for its highly anonymous designs, and is based on Amb's classic slip-on shoes, with a gray suede upper and black sole.

    The Post Overalls logo is embossed on the heel, creating a chic model.


        #P2000-SG POST x AMB slip-on : cow suede gray


        #P2000-SG POST x AMB slip-on : cow suede gray

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