[PRE-ORDER vol.1] #4209 Reversible Helmet Bag (new model)

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    Based on the third version of the U.S. Air Force helmet bag, there’s a front pocket on the left/right (usually only on one-side) for additional storage and the outside/inside is reversible. The fabric is olive high density nylon twill, often used for MA-1, inside featuring rescue orange fabric.

    quality : 100% nylon


    made in Japan

    size width hight hight from handle
    F 45cm 46cm 54cm



    Special order for Post O'Alls "DINEX INSULATION 8oz MUG"


    For those who place a pre-order, we offer a novelty item (limited quantity, available while supplies last).



    ・お問い合わせはinfo@postoveralls.com、またはPost O'Alls NAKAMEGUROまでお願いします。

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