#4209 Reversible Helmet Bag

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    Based on USAirforce 's third type helmet bag , the front pocket, which is normally placed only on one side, is placed on both sides to increase storage capacity, and the front and back sides are A This is a reversible bag that can be used as a mask . The fabric is olive, a high-density nylon twill fabric used for MA-1, etc. on the outside, and the inside is rescue orange, and the 6 pockets on the back also function as internal pockets. This is the birth of a reversible helmet bag that was unlikely to exist.

    Based on the third version of the US Air Force helmet bag, there's a front pocket on the left/right (usually only on one-side) for additional storage and the outside/inside is reversible. The fabric is olive high density nylon twill, often used for MA-1, inside featuring rescue orange fabric.

    quality: 100% nylon


    made in Japan

    size width hight hight from handle
    F 45cm 46cm 54cm

    #4209-NTO Reversible Helmet Bag: nylon twill


    #4209-NTO Reversible Helmet Bag: nylon twill

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