[4.18 UPDATE vol.3] Product Schedule of April




2024.4.19 fri. 12:00 ~

#3318S E-Z Travail Shorts

A recent theme at Post O’Alls is the fusion of America and France flavors. The E-Z Travail Shorts are designed to synchronize with this theme. The pants are considered for pairing with the Engineers’ jacket, Engineers’ jacket DV and POS-Travail for 2024 S/S.
ここ最近のPost O'Allsのテーマの一つに、アメリカとフランスのフレーバーの融合がありますが、イージー・トラベールショーツはそんなアイデアにシンクロするショーツとしてデザインされました。2024SSではエンジニア・ジャケット及びエンジニア・ジャケットDV、そしてポス・トラベールとのセットアップが可能なセッティングとなっています。

2024.4.12 fri. 12:00 ~

#3308S E-Z WALKABOUT Shorts

A recent sensation, the E-Z WALKABOUT Shorts, combines a military-inspired design with Post O'Alls' signature relaxed mood. The design incorporates effective utility with pockets inside pockets on both sides.

#3312S E-Z DND Shorts

The #3312 E-Z DND, originally released in 2022 FW, is based on the #1302 W-Knee Dungarees, which was the second pants item produced by Post O'Alls. Made with E-Z (elastic waist) specifications, the shorts version is now available for 2024 S/S. It can be said that it is an updated version of the W-Knee Shorts from the 1990s, it retains the baggy mood of that era.


2024.4.5 fri. 12:00 ~

#3219S New Basic Pullover Shirt S/S

Derived from the well-received #3213S NAVY CUT S/S from 2023 S/S, the New Basic Pullover Shirt S/S (new model) features acorn-shaped pockets. The acorn pockets, coupled with the pullover design, contribute to a relaxed mood.
A new staple with a relaxed and groovy vibe is the E-Z DEE's Shorts, featuring a minor change to its pockets for the 2024 S/S version. The patch pocket, once located in the lower pocket, has now been moved to the swinging upper pocket, updated to be more functional and easier to use.
The shorts version of the #3313 E-Z ARMY-NAVY Pants. The base for the #3313 E-Z ARMY NAVY Pants 2, which is the ARMY-NAVY Pants (released around 2008), a fusion of the first pants made by Post O’Alls in 1993, the #1301 ARMY pants and the #1304 NAVY Pants (released the following year in 1994) with wrapped leg (no outseam) specification. For 2017 F/W, a belt-buckle added R version was released. The 2022 S/S #3307 E-Z ARMY-NAVY Pants is a modified version where the waist is altered to an E-Z (elastic waist) specification. This second version has single pocket in the back for additional vintage feel made in mind for the spring/summer seasons.


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